Cham's Story

When 1step1life first met Cham, he was showing Jake his sketchbook. Jake asked him what he wanted to do in the future and he simply replied, whilst looking at his sketchbook "this is my future".

Cham is 15 years old and has grown up in an impoverished remote village north-east of Siem Reap. He continually radiates enthusiasm. He studies at Khmer high school during the day, then goes to the Angkor Kids Centre every afternoon to learn English.

Being an artistic person is not a direct path to a good job in Cambodia, in fact in many situations it results in a very low-income job. However 1step1life is providing Cham a scholarship to nurture his talent and provide an income stream that will directly help change Cham’s life. We at 1step1life recognise that talent isn't simply academic, right from our inception we wanted to support and encourage young people in Siem Reap to follow their dreams. Cham has an exceptional raw talent, most of his drawings are created purely by memory, he has limited resrouces and relies purely on his natural talent to create such astounding art.

Through selling Cham's artworks at our market stalls, as well as selling cards for all occasions with his beautiful designs, we are creating an income and support network to develop his incredible talent. As Cham moves towards completing high school, 1step1life will give Cham a full scholarship to attend any art or tertiary education school he wishes. 

 Cham and Jake with some of the incredible cards he drew for 1step1life market stalls. 

Cham and Jake with some of the incredible cards he drew for 1step1life market stalls. 

Cham’s raw talent is unlike anything I have ever seen, especially considering his lack of resources and ability to draw purely from memory.
— Jake Stalker, Founder 1step1life