We aim to break-down the complexity of charity work. We pride ourselves on maintaining a simple, effective and direct method of helping those who need it most. 


Our Mission

The foundation of One Step One Life is in its name. The charity is about giving everyone here in Australia the opportunity to take just one small step to completely change the life of a Cambodian who needs our support.

We are a non-religious, non-for-profit organisation. We use well below the industry standard of the money donated for admin or running costs (averaging between 2-5%). This charity is for helping change the lives of Cambodians, and every single cent possible will go directly to them. 

Another foundation of this charity is transparency. We want to run this charity with open and clear communication with all the awesome people who donate. Your money will be on record (named or anonymously) and accounted for down to the dollar as to where it goes, and how it has helped changed someone's life. 

One Step One Life's core goals:

  1. Collaborate with a local NGO (Cambodia Organisation for Social Development) to provide funding for the operation of our three-classroom school which provides free english education to people of all ages in a poverty stricken village of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

  2. Develop a scholarship program giving students from all over Siem Reap, Cambodia access to quality education. Our scholarships take a holistic approach ensuring that transport, food and family support is also offered.

  3. Develop a teacher training program, linking qualified Australia teachers with local Cambodian English teachers. Enabling the local teachers to learn new skills and teaching methods to pass on for a lifetime.

  4. Anything Is Possible Program, helping young Cambodians achieve their dreams. As One Step One Life believes that everyone should have an equal chance of living their dream, no matter where they live.

  5. Continue to move One Step One Life towards being a Cambodian managed organisation. One Step One Life will strive to keep staff as local Cambodians, and provide employment opportunities for those who show potential to be the next generation of inspirational leaders.


Where exactly will your money go?

That is a very good question and obviously the most important when deciding to donate to any charity. One Step One Life has only one clear objective: to get the money to those who need it most and change their lives. All money raised will be collected and distributed personally by One Step One Life executives in Cambodia throughout the year. 

Legal Stuff:

One Step One Life adheres to all Australian legal requirements of an operational charity. We are registered with the Australia's National Charity Regulator (ACNC), and the Australian Tax Office (ATO). As part of registration we are also required to be registered with an Australia Business Number which is 80 293 821 642.

In addition we also have a strict child protection policy, which is available for any interested party. All people who come to volunteer in Cambodia are required to have a Working With Children Check, facilitated by the NSW Police. 

NINE months on from creating his charity One Step One Life, Jake Stalker of Riverstone has achieved what many would not believe possible at the age of 20
— Jade Aliprandi, Rouse Hill Courier

What We've Achieved

  • Purchased land in collaboration with COSD for three classrooms

  • Completed construction on a new three classroom school to provide free english education to over 100 students.

  • Employs passionate Khmer teachers to teach English at our school partner.

  • Employs a local Cambodian named Pheakdey as our Vice President and Cambodia Co-ordinator

  • Rented and developed our own learning centre in the heart of Siem Reap giving our scholarship students the opportunity to learn, collaborate and share knowledge with each other.

  • Provided over 28 One Step scholarships, allowing the recipients to fulfil their dream of attending university, hospitality training, music and art school.

  • Provided laptops and internet connections for all our scholarship students.

  • Increased our monthly sponsorships by 200% in 6 months

  • Have qualified Australian teachers registered to visit Cambodia and deliver teacher training modules.

  • Delivered four Teacher Training modules, working in a remote village school.