This is what we are about! Check out the projects below that we are happy to call our own!


English School Collaboration with 'Cambodia organization for social development (COSD)'

5 years ago One Step One Life was proud to engage with COSD to construct a 3-classroom school in a village in Siem Reap Province. We have worked tirelessly to make this distant dream a reality. Our school now provides free english education to over 100 students in the village 7km from Siem Reap city. English and computer education is provided 100% free of charge with the simple goal of providing a head start for the eager young learners.

In addition to building the school we have been able to provide ongoing support by employing Khmer teachers who ensure the kids have a positive and warm environment where everyone is welcome to learn. 


One step scholarship program

The 1step scholarship program started when we realised there was a big gap in the NGO world in providing tailor made scholarships. It was the brain child of Pheakdey, Jake and the 1step team to create a scholarship program that looked at each and every student as a unique person with unique dreams. To date we have provided more than 28 scholarships for tertiary education including university and hospitality training. In addition we create unique ways of helping students who have out of the box dreams including music, art, self-sustaining farming and more. Our simple goal is to provide an educational path for whatever passion our students have and make sure they know that whatever they choose we will support them. 


Teacher Training

Everyone here at 1step1life believes that the key to improving education in Cambodia is through sustainable and long term methods. In line with this a key project of 1step1life is to provide quality teacher training to local teachers in Cambodia. We have a dedicated education co-ordinator who with decades of experience teaching different languages, is creating two comprehensive programs to improve the quality of education (specifically english education) in Cambodia. One program is focused on creating a cohesive structure for volunteer Australian teachers to follow when working with local teachers and is focused on improving classroom management, creative teaching methods and effective classroom control. The second program is being designed to better assist local teachers in teaching English as a foreign language. Its design is focused on simple, effective and engaging lessons and provides an invaluable resources for local to follow when teaching English.  

Karen and Jake delivering a teacher training program written by our Australia Education support team.

Karen and Jake delivering a teacher training program written by our Australia Education support team.