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A place to read Cham's story and look at his current works which are for sale in Australia.

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Cham's Story

When One Step One Life first met Cham at 16, he was showing Jake his sketchbook. Jake asked him what he wanted to do in the future and he simply replied, whilst looking at his sketchbook, "this is my future".

Cham has grown up in an impoverished remote village north-east of Siem Reap. He continually radiates enthusiasm.

One Step has provided support for him to complete high school, attend art classes and now he attends university.

Being an artistic person is not a direct path to a good job in Cambodia, in fact in many situations it results in a very low-income job.

One Step One Life is providing Cham a scholarship to nurture his talent and provide an income stream that will directly help change Cham’s life and in doing so, allow him to continue to follow his dream.

Cham’s raw talent is unlike anything I have ever seen, especially considering his lack of resources and ability to draw purely from memory.
— Jake Stalker, Founder One Step One Life 2017

ABOVE: Cham's artwork that have found loving homes

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If you would like to purchase any of Cham's artwork please contact Karen, mobile 0412 383736  or karen@1step11life.org