Our first rice drop

Feb 17

2016/2017 has a been a busy year for  Pheakdey and I , having both been working on a different project, 1step had somewhat fallen out of the spotlight. But the lack of Facebook posts, never meant we weren't leaping forward in our drive and passion to help those who need it the most here in Cambodia. The last few months as things have quietened down and we re-gather our focus on our true passion, we have continued to help in whatever way we can change the lives of those who, are no different to ourselves, in deserving the right to education and a prosperous future. We continue to do so in a small scale, direct and personal family approach and have a bloody good time doing it! I could not imagine doing this work without my best mate Pheakdey and my amazing Aus team lead by the most incredible mother and manager  Karen.  A few pics of yesterdays rice drop, the first time 1step has ever delivered rice, perhaps an indicator that our work continues to develop and continues to help those who truely need it the most